About Us


Yes! we want u to invest.  As our taglines goes, which have strongly depicted our message.

Who we are ?

Newproject1U is a Prop-tech website which brings real estate developers, homebuyers and investors together. With our ambitious target of achieving more than RM100 million worth of transactions taking place through the platform in every calendar year. Newproject1U is here to create a revolutionary wave.

As a Prop-tech company with online real estate platform which focus on new developments & off the plan projects from both local and international market place. Our platform hence is prepared for multi million dollars real estate investment deals to take place where investors/ homebuyers and Developers meet online. Real Estate Group Investing is another powerful group where we aspire to aggregate like-minded investors to meet Developers for special group purchase deals in a win-win situation.  

Besides, we strive to serve as a property directory for new properties for both local & international projects. And to offer value added & innovative features and solutions to our members i.e. Pre-sale & Group purchase opportunities and Project referral incentive programme as offered by Developers from time to time. In which we believe would certainly create more value to our members.







What we do ?

Our main objective is to create an online Real Estate Capital Market Place  for Real Estate Investments.

Let's see what we do  

For Investors & Homebuyers

1. A place to look up for investment opportunities for both local and international development projects, as we strive to serve as a new project directory.
2. A platform to aggregate like-minded purchasers to enjoy special deals from developers under group purchase and pre-sale exercise.
3. To enjoy special incentive schemes i.e. Clients Referral Programmes as offered by developers from time to time.
4. To enjoy the privilege to be invited for Developer's Pre-sale & soft launching, project launch & briefing, Property Seminars and Promotional activities.
5. To keep abreast with property movements by receiving our property news & insight, market research & updates from time to time.

For Developers and Project Marketers

1. An online platform for advertisement and project's exposure with the aim to reach out to potential prospects without boundary.
2. A digital marketing platform where we provide strategies to drive leads and sales for developers.
3. A platform for developers to carry out promotional activities namely Pre sale & soft launch, Group purchase exercise, clients referral programme & etc.
4. To leverage on data mining exercise with us by inviting our pool of members to attend project launches & briefing and other promotional events.