“Group Buying Is The Home Buyer’s Next Big Thing”


1. What is the Real Estate Group Investing (REGI) Programme?
Real Estate Group Investing (REGI) Programme is one of the privileged programme as being offered to Newproject1U member. REGI is set up with the objective of maximising the benefits of group purchase power by aggregating ‘like minded‘ investors/buyers in a group for a bargained deals with Developers in a win-win situation.   

2. What is the benefits of joining Real Estate Group Investing.
By joining the REGI, members will enjoy the following benefits:
i. To enjoy a special deal as offered by Developers under Group Purchase & Pre-sales programmes from time to time.
ii. To aggregate like-minded investors/buyers to form a buyer group for a selected project. Subsequently, a bargain with Developers for a special deal will be carried out under the exercise of group purchase power.
iii. To enjoy the privilleges of Pre Sales projects incentives as offered by Developers specifically to NewProject1U REGI members.This shall include early bird discounts and selection of choice units before projects are being opened to the public.
iv. To be invited for any projects launches, promotional activities & events as organised solely for REGI members.

3. What is the difference between Pre Sale programmes & Group Purchase programmes.
Pre Sales is referring to a soft launching exercise carry out by Developer where they will open their projects to a limited privileged group of purchaser for them to select their choice units and it normally come with special rebate. (Early birds discount.)
Group Purchase is a promotional sales activity offered by Developer to a targeted group of purchasers with the imposed quantum of unit to be sold. Special discount is normally given should the pre-set target of units to be sold is achieved.

4. What is the role of Newproject1U in REIG and how it function?
Newproject1U is an interactive online networking and educational platform for real estate enthusiasts. Newproject1U play a role of:
    i.  Online Advertising media to Developers
​​​​​​    ii.​  To coordinate with Developers who intend to offer group purchase & Pre Sales incentive programmes.
    iii. To negotiate with Developer for special deals upon the request of a group purchasers.
    iv. Providing a Platform for REGI members to meet with Developers for a specific purpose and occasion.
    v.  To organise activities & events for Developers including Project launches, project briefs, property talks, seminar, exhibitions & road shows. 

5. What is the Fees involve?
For REGI members
NewProject1U does not charge REGI members any fees or commission for use of the Website and participation in any investment listed in the website and any returns on such investments.
For Developers/Advertisers
NewProject1U charges the Fees for the following services:
(i) Premium Advertising on Newproject1U;
(ii) Group purchase & Pre sale exercise programmes fees;

6. Do I have to be a newProject1U member to participate in the REGI programme?
Yes. You need to sign up as a Property1U member and provide all mandatory personal details before you can participate in any of the REGI programmes.

7. What are the steps I need to take to participate in the Real Estate Group Investing Programme?
Step 1: Sign up as a NewProject1U member.
Step 2: Click on Login at the top right and key in your email address and password.
Step 3: Click on a project you are interested to participate.
Step 4: In the top right, click on Enquiry icon and submit.